Gitcoin Ecosystem


This is a document that tracks all of the different things built in the gitcoin ecosystem.

Gitcoin Maintained Properties

Main Sitehttp://gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin.aihttp://gitcoin.ai/ (opens in a new tab)Ask an LLM about Gitcoin.
Impact Tracking Sitehttps://impact.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Gov Forumhttps://gov.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin Notion Sitehttps://gitcoin.notion.site/ (opens in a new tab)
Allohttps://allo.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Allo Docshttps://docs.allo.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passporthttps://passport.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Docshttps://docs.passport.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Scorerhttps://scorer.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Stakinghttps://www.staking.passport.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Showcasehttps://showcase.passport.gitcoin.co (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin Bloghttps://www.gitcoin.co/blog (opens in a new tab)
Swag Storehttps://store.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Support/KBhttps://support.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Grants Program / Grants Stackhttps://grants.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
PGNhttps://publicgoods.network/ (opens in a new tab)
PGN Docshttps://docs.publicgoods.network/ (opens in a new tab)
Schelling Pointhttps://schellingpoint.gitcoin.co (opens in a new tab)
Schelling Point Forumhttps://forum.schellingpoint.gitcoin.co (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin Brand Bookhttps://www.figma.com/... (opens in a new tab)
Grantee Portalhttp://link.gitcoin.co/grantee (opens in a new tab)
Grants Portalhttps://grants-portal.gitcoin.co (opens in a new tab)
Conviction Voting Apphttps://conviction.gitcoin.co (opens in a new tab)Stake GTC to support your favotie projects (not currently maintained)
Tally (Governance Portal)https://www.tally.xyz/gov/gitcoin (opens in a new tab)
Snapshot (Governance Portal)https://snapshot.org/#/gitcoindao.eth (opens in a new tab)
Governance Manualhttps://manual.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Community Portalhttps://community.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)

Ecosystem maintained properties

Stewards Listhttps://delegate.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Primerhttps://primer.gitcoindao.com/ (opens in a new tab)GitcoinDAO Primer
GitcoinDAO.comhttps://gitcoindao.com/ (opens in a new tab)Links to all DAO related things
Gitcoin Reviewshttps://gitcoinreviews.co/ (opens in a new tab)Powered by Deresy, a DEcentralized REview SYstem on Arbitrum, gitcoinreviews aims to bring users full transparency on how gitcoin grants are performing and using their funds.
Grant Lookerhttps://www.grantlooker.xyz/ (opens in a new tab)Third party site used to track sybil-ness of Grants
Quadratic Landshttps://quadraticlands.com/ (opens in a new tab)Original DAO launch site
x23 apphttps://app.x23.ai/gitcoin (opens in a new tab)App to see latest happening in Gitcoin ecosystem
CMhttps://coordinationmechanisms.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)Taxonomy of different coordination mechanisms

Apps built on top of Gitcoin protocols

Built onWhenNameDescLink
Allo v1Q3 2023Report CardsQF Round Report CardsGo (opens in a new tab)
PGNQ2 2023PGN BridgeBridge for the Public Goods NetworkGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q2 2023QuadraticLenster.xyzQuadratic tipping via quadratic funding rounds on Lens ProtocolGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q2 2023Funding.SocialSee who you're following on lens + who they contribute to on GitcoinGo (opens in a new tab)
PassportQ2 2023Passport Gated Airdrop ToolA forkable tool to allow anyone to airdrop a token gated by Gitcoin PassportGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1/PassportQ2 2023Grants-ETLa tool to make pulling data for anti sybil/collusion easier.Go (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2023Bulk CSV Uploadera tool to upload many grants to a gitcoin round at onceGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2023Quadratic Yeetera tool to create a Grants Stack round in 1 clickGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2023Gitcoin Grants crowdfundera tool to make a crowdfunding aqueduct into Gitcoin GrantsGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2023Gitcoin Grants data visan easy way to visualize Gitcoin QF rounds crowdfund data structure.Go (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2023Partnership ProtocolAn easy way to see the top grants round projects + get in touch with them for partnership/BD folks.Go (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2023Economic Graph GeneratorA tool to visualize Economic Graphs on top of Allo ProtocolGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2023Quadratic Honeyan experimental mobile-first QF webapp built for ETHDenverGo (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1Q1 2024Quadratic HoneyLLM that helps with discoverability of Gitcoin projectsGo (opens in a new tab)

Things being built now

Built onWhenNameDescLink
Allo v1Q3 2023Grants Infographic Toolbuild a tool that generates a pdf/html infographic summary of a gitcoin QF round.Go (opens in a new tab)
Allo v1(maybe?)Q3 2023Optimism RPGF Discovery & Voting ToolA tool for doing RetroPGF project votingGo (opens in a new tab)

Social Media Properties

Main twitterhttps://twitter.com/gitcoin (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin Citizenshttps://twitter.com/gitcoincitizens (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin Ecosystemhttps://twitter.com/gtc_ecosystem (opens in a new tab)
PGNhttps://twitter.com/pgn_eth (opens in a new tab)
GShttps://twitter.com/grantsstack (opens in a new tab)
Allohttps://twitter.com/alloprotocol (opens in a new tab)
Passporthttps://twitter.com/gitcoinpassport (opens in a new tab)
Discordhttps://discord.gg/gitcoin (opens in a new tab)
Facebookhttps://facebook.com/getgitcoin (opens in a new tab)Not maintained
Reddithttps://www.reddit.com/r/gitcoincommunity/ (opens in a new tab)Not maintained
Reddithttps://www.reddit.com/r/gitcoin/ (opens in a new tab)Not maintained
Githubhttps://github.com/gitcoinco (opens in a new tab)
LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/getgitcoin/ (opens in a new tab)
Lensterhttps://lenster.xyz/u/gitcoin (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin communityhttps://twitter.com/i/lists/1679701112201400320 (opens in a new tab)Maintained by Greenpill.network
Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/c/GitcoinMedia (opens in a new tab)
Youtube (Governance)https://www.youtube.com/c/GitcoinTransparency (opens in a new tab)
Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/getgitcoin/ (opens in a new tab)

Data Stuff

Grants Data GG1-12https://docs.google.com/spr.... (opens in a new tab)Not presently maintained?
Funder League GG1-12https://docs.google.com/spr.... (opens in a new tab)Not presently maintained?
Funder League GG1-19https://docs.google.com/spr.... (opens in a new tab)Permissioned
GG18 Datahttps://gg18sybil.streamlit.app/ (opens in a new tab)Built by Umar. Need permission
RegenData.xyzRegenData.xyz (opens in a new tab)Built by Umar/Bliss/Grants-ETL. Need permissions
Grants Datahttps://gitcoin.co/grants-data (opens in a new tab)Built by Umar.
Gitcoin Dune Dashboardshttps://dune.com/browse/dashboards?q=gitcoin (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin Grants data vishttps://twitter.com/owocki/status/1658103631500161024 (opens in a new tab)an easy way to visualize Gitcoin QF rounds crowdfund data structure.
Grants Round Network Visualizationhttps://gitcoin-grants-51f2c0c12a8e.herokuapp.com/Networks (opens in a new tab)Built by Umar.
GitcoinDataGPThttps://chat.openai.com/g/g-9G8sqregc-gitcoindatagpt (opens in a new tab)Built by Umar.
Grants Archivehttps://archive.grants.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)View all of the rounds from the Gitcoin Grants program.
Grants Multichainhttps://dune.com/ivanmolto/allo-protocol-multichain (opens in a new tab)View how many rounds have happened on diff L2s
Checkerhttps://checker.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)Checker: An AI/LLM Powered Evaluation Tool by Gitcoin


multisig.gitcoindao.ethmultisig.gitcoindao.eth (opens in a new tab)GTC Matching Pool Funds
timelock.gitcoindao.ethtimelock.gitcoindao.eth (opens in a new tab)GTC Operational Treasury
workstream treasuriesview on tally.xyz (opens in a new tab)Scroll down to Gnosis Safes.

Other things

WTF is QFhttps://www.wtfisqf.com/ (opens in a new tab)
Vitalik Blogs about Gitcoinhttps://vitalik.ca/categories/gitcoin.html (opens in a new tab)
Moonshot Botshttps://twitter.com/MoonshotBots (opens in a new tab)NFT Drop
Moonshot Bots (in 3d)https://www.moonshotbots.party/ (opens in a new tab)NFT Drop
Greatest LARPhttps://greatestlarp.com/ (opens in a new tab)NFT Drop
Metalabel Drophttps://gitcoin.metalabel.app/ (opens in a new tab)NFT Drop
Zora Impact Report Drophttps://zora.co/collect/.... (opens in a new tab)NFT Drop
gtcETHhttps://indexcoop.com/products/gitcoin-staked-ethereum-index (opens in a new tab)
Guildhttps://guild.xyz/gitcoin (opens in a new tab)
Gitcoin Presentationshttps://drive.google.com/dri.... (opens in a new tab)Not presently maintained?

Spin outs

These are things that have spun out of Gitcoin.

Buidlboxhttps://buidlbox.io/ (opens in a new tab)Hackathons Platform (formerly Gitcoin Hackathons)
KERNELhttps://www.kernel.community/en/ (opens in a new tab)Community Education Platform (by Andy Thudhope/Vivek Singh)
Open Data Communityhttps://opendatacommunity.org/ (opens in a new tab)Fraud Defense Community (by ex FDD folks)
Public Works.fmhttps://www.publicworks.fm/ (opens in a new tab)Regen Investment Fund by Scott Moore (Gitcoin Co-Founder)